Best Solution for Foods With Customer First Principal.

DAIKI CO ., LTD resolve some problems about foodstuffs of all over the world based on a-customer-first policy.

I am Akio Hirota - president of DAIKI -. Thank you very much for visiting our homepage.

DAIKI CO., LTD founded to tell how amazing Japanese foods are to people all over the world.

Today, They have been registered for Intangible Cultural Heritage, and come to be recognized well its deepness of that taste.

While, the competitiveness of Food Industry is getting intense and hard recently. It is true that cost competitiveness is also getting intense with being led by Japanese or Foreign buyer.

In this situation breaking in cost leadership principle, we have been keeping superiority of competitiveness in the world with our Know-How.

It is predicted that tendness of the marine product industry from now is getting hard more and more, but we do our best so that we could be all the customer's help with customer first policy.

I appreciate for reading my message.

Akio Hirota