The sea around Kyusyu area - Genkainada, Ariakekai - is a treasure house for fish that many kinds of them coming . Because zooplankton happens much enough which becomes prey for fish, and as an environment for fish, it's better condition than other area's sea.

The fish rich in nutrition are pretty good. You can feel good fatty or texture from them. Those are delivered and displayed from many places in Japan everyday, mainly Kyusyu.

You can see various fresh fish in Nagahama Fish Market from big size to small and also from well-known to rare one.

Since we see them everyday, we can judge how the balance of demand/supply, the price and how fresh they are by seeing them.

Daiki accepts small lot order as well(=1 pc/unit ~, under condition). So you can order as per your request from for sample to for regular order.

If you look for fresh and tasty sea treasure delivered directly from Fukuoka fish market, Please feel free to contact us.