The Fatty of Farm-raised fish is much superior to Wild fish one. It's because the farmer control their nutrition to get them fatty, and also control their fat by food. In addition, nothing bugs inside of Farm-raised fish is also one of the feature.

Kyusyu area, located in a place sandwitched two warm-seastream which are Tsushima-seastream and Nihon-seastream is the best place for farm-raising of fish. Particulaly, yellowtail needs high water temparature to grow up,so many makers are concentrated in mainly Kyusyu area. A taste of yellowtail getting raised in an environment sandwitched by two warm-seastream surprisingly jump up.

DAIKI ship many kinds of natural fish and farm-raised fish using our network between farm-raised places in Kyusyu area. We can arrange any kinds of shape like Round, Semi-dress, Dress, Fillet. Please contact us easily, if you get interested in our farm-raised fish.